For the fans of American football, we have an interesting online game Return Man 3. Your role can be defined in one word - a touchdown. For the less savvy, your job will be to get the ball, avoid opponents and get to the end of the field.


Return Man 3 is a free American Football Games. Return the punt for a touchdown! In Return Man 3, you must run the ball into the end zone. You can juke, stiff arm, and hurdle past opponents. Your teammates will help block tackles. Celebrate in the end zone with a touchdown dance!

Just control your speed as well as the thoughts of orientation on the field and you will definitely win. The music tones are associated with the real live matches which makes return man 3 the greatest game of all the times.

We hope you had fun with this great Sports Games. Find the best American Football Games, Play return man 3, the new version of the great american football game here for free to play. Enjoy and have fun with it.

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Return Man 3

Return Man 3

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